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Things I think are relevant

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Things I think are relevant  Empty Things I think are relevant

Post by Moxi on Wed Aug 10, 2011 4:14 am


The current-dollar gross state product of South Dakota was US$37 billion as of 2008, the fifth smallest total state output in the US.
The per capita personal income was $37,375 in 2008, ranked 26th in the U.S.,[88] and 13.2% of the population is below the poverty line.
CNBC's list of "Top States for Business for 2010" has recognized South Dakota as the seventh best state in the nation.
In March 2011, the state's unemployment rate was 4.9%.
>we arent gonna make much, but at least we will be making it

Agriculture has historically been a key component of the South Dakota economy.
The five most valuable agricultural products in South Dakota are cattle, corn, soybeans, wheat, and hogs.
Agriculture-related industries such as meat packing and ethanol production also have a considerable economic impact on the state.
South Dakota is the sixth leading ethanol-producing state in the nation.
> i vote for small individual plots to feed ourselves and free range cows/ rent the land out to local farmer

State taxes
As of 2005, South Dakota has the lowest per capita total state tax rate in the United States.[96]
The state does not levy personal or corporate income taxes, inheritance taxes, or taxes on intangible personal property.
The state sales tax rate is 4 percent.
Various localities have local levies so that in some areas the rate is 6 percent.
Ad valorem property taxes are local taxes and are a large source of funding for school systems, counties, municipalities and other local government units.
The South Dakota Special Tax Division regulates some taxes including cigarette and alcohol related taxes.
>we need more info on this, anybody want that job?


Rapid City, with a 2009 estimated population of 67,107, and a metropolitan area population of 124,766, is the second-largest city in the state. It is located on the eastern edge of the Black Hills, and was founded in 1876. Rapid City's economy is largely based on tourism and defense spending, because of the close proximity of many tourist attractions in the Black Hills and Ellsworth Air Force Base.
>lots of shit points to us needing to build a tourist trap

State symbols

Some of South Dakota's official state symbols include:
State bird: Ring-necked Pheasant
State flower: American Pasque flower
State tree: Black Hills Spruce
State nicknames: Mount Rushmore State (official), Coyote state & Sunshine state (both unofficial)
State motto: "Under God, the people rule"
State slogan: "Great Faces. Great Places."
State mineral: Rose quartz
State insect: Honey bee – Apis mellifera L.
State animal: Coyote
State fish: Walleye
State gemstone: Fairburn agate
State song: "Hail, South Dakota!"
Hail! South Dakota! a great state of the land;
Health, wealth and beauty, that's what makes her grand;
She has her Black Hills, and mines with gold so rare,
And with her scenery, no other state can compare.

Come where the sun shines, and where life's worth your while;
You won't be here long, till you'll wear a smile;
No state's so healthy, and no folk quite so true.
To South Dakota we welcome you.

Hail! South Dakota! the state we love the best,
Land of our fathers, builders of the west;
Home of the Badlands, and Rushmore's ageless shrine,
Black Hills and prairies, farmland and sunshine.
Hills, farms and prairies, blessed with bright sunshine.

>neat shit

Ill add more later, Im gonna go pass out now
Feel free to add stuff about scenic sd that you've found while hunting the webs!

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Things I think are relevant  Empty Re: Things I think are relevant

Post by luftwaffle on Wed Aug 10, 2011 2:06 pm


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